A quick update, as I haven’t been here since Tuesday…

  • My kids and I are all better now, fever gone, flu vanquished.
  • Been really busy on my media empire.  In fact, I even built a new page:  The Living Room
  • The weather here has been beautiful.  So warm I’m sleeping with windows open, and not wearing shoes during the day.
  • I know what my next short story is going to be about.  For the first time in a long, long time it’s not going to be science fiction or fantasy.  Based on a true story, I’m going to call it Aspirin.

Odd thing I’ve noticed … I apparently enjoy setting up websites even more than I do writing.  And I’m getting really good with WordPress.  I’m starting to think about doing it professionally on the side.

Hope everyone had a happy Thursday!


4 thoughts on “

  1. Hey, I recognise the stories on that new site! Damn good writin’! Re: ‘Aspirin’, I’m guessing a ‘school theme’? Good luck with it!

  2. Hey…I’ve read most of those stories too! And I guess we’ll not throw you out of our writers group if you write mainstream…just don’t tell anyone, we’d all be so embarrassed.

  3. RYC: I can’t imaging a cuter ‘whipping boy’ (“A spanking! A spanking! And then…”)

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