Xanga Friend’s Lock

I’ve decided to initiate that Xanga feature called Friends Lock.

Those of you already on my friends list will be able to get in here without a problem (I hope).  Once done, I can really relax and not have to worry about those “outside” getting in and bugging me here.  This is the place where I like to relax.

If that makes me sound paranoid, well … it’s because I am a bit paranoid.  And some of you know why.

If you’re not already on my friends list, but would like to be, simply let me know by Sunday evening.  That’s when I plan on pulling the shades and closing the door on the rest of the Internet.


3 thoughts on “Xanga Friend’s Lock

  1. Thank you for the invite…I understand about the ability to relax here in Blogville; to be able to let it flow without thought to “who” is peeking in.  I think I have covered my tracks…but you never know.  Thanks again!  I truly enjoy your posts and your comments.

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