Bubbles and More Bubbles

This afternoon my daughter was on the veranda blowing bubbles, and I sensed a photo op.  Here’s what I captured:

Pretty cool for a bit of soap and a puff of air?


7 thoughts on “Bubbles and More Bubbles

  1. Blowing bubbles is one of the funnest things ever! A bunch of my friends and I went to Central Park a couple of months ago when it was still warm and just messed around for a few hours, blowing bubbles and chasing them. Excellent times.  

  2. I was reminded of the animated 1960’s era musical staring Judy Garland and Robert Goulet, “Gay Purr-ee”, which features a wonderful little number entitled “Bubbles” (“Bubbles… Bubbles… Billions and billons of bubbles…” (or was it “Millions and millions”?))

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