Free Coffee Today!


8 thoughts on “Free Coffee Today!

  1. No, they’ve done this for ages. I think it’s nice. I actually like Starbucks. Have a good day, oh and thanks for all your nice comments this week.

  2. Cool!  Too bad my morning this morning was beyond insane or I would have taken advantage of it.  ryc – thanks for the site link!  I bookmarked it and will refer back to reinforce the concepts.  Very accurate.  

  3. ryc: Totally true. It’s hard not to believe them sometimes too, when they are such good manipulators. I’ve actually been in situations were it’s gotten to the point where I’ve thought to myself “wait–am I the asshole?” Especially when it happens over and over again. You get the feeling that if it keeps happening it has to be your fault. Of course, it isn’t, it’s just that you are a sucker.

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