Is this not one of the sweetest things you’ve ever read:  Abbey Lain

A child writes to God, and someone at the post office (?) takes the time and effort (and expense) to help her out.

It made me tear up.

About the novel … I’ve put a good 2000 words on it so far this weekend!  Still going, too!


One thought on “

  1. I find that a three-hour session gets me 1,000 words of original writing, and a three-hour session is plenty. 1,800 words in a day is the most I’ve ever done. Somehow it’s not possible to adopt an eight-hour day approach to writing, or at least I’ve found it so. I think that time has to pass, during which you cook what you’ve done so far to produce what you are going to do next.
    I read once that Robert Louise Stevenson destroyed the whole of “Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde,” after an argument with his wife, and then re-wrote it in a two-day marathon, all 28,000 words, no sleep, no food.
    However, it shows, for while the plot idea is great, this long short-story sucks as a piece of writing.

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