Timed Writing Exercise for the Future

A writer’s trick for keeping words flowing is to do timed writing practice every single day. Doesn’t matter what you write, and doesn’t matter how many words. Just pick a time and start writing. Say, 15 minutes, and set a timer, and write constantly for those 15 minutes.

This is an established practice that’s been around since the 60’s. But here’s a new twist on it.

Go to FutureMe.org and set up an account. It’s free.

This is a place where you write letters to yourself to be delivered to you in the future (up to 50 years in the future).

Every day go there and do a timed writing exercise and set it to be emailed to you one year in the future. Or longer. Or shorter. Whatever you want.

But it would be so cool to read all the random stuff that was in your mind a year ago today. Who knows what will turn up? What it will inspire? What forgotten thing it will remind you of?

Make sure you click their Google Ads everyday so that they can afford to send you the email a year from now!

I’m starting today.


One thought on “Timed Writing Exercise for the Future

  1. That looks fun. When I taught high school students, every New Year I’d have them write a letter to themselves and put it in a self-addressed stamped envelope.  I’d mail the letters the following NewYear.  By that time, the kids usually forgot that they had written the letters — so you can imagine how surprised they were to get them in the mail.  Even though I no longer had those students in my class the following year, many of them would stop by my room to tell me about their experience of getting and reading the letter.   They really got a big kick out of it. 
    ALSO… when I graduated high school in 1990, I securely taped an envelope in my best freind’s year book that read, “Do not open until 2000”.   The letter reflected on our days in h.s.   So in the year 2000, my friend had a New Year’s Party where she finally opened the envelope and read the letter at midnight.  The neat thing was that the letter pointed out a lot of really funny incidents, ohrases, and trends,that we hadn’t thought about since h.s. 

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