At the new job!  Have to keep playing Hide-The-Screen.

I’d posted a rather sexually frank article on my GroovyMojo site and it sat on the front page for 24 hours, and generated more traffic than my site has seen in two weeks combined.  Finally realizing that many of my new co-workers know of my extracurricular writing activities, the LadySavina and I decided it was best to move the article to a back page … still available, but not In-Your-Face — so to speak.  lol.

So far so good at the new job!  Having problems getting the old employer to accept that I’ve moved on.  Hey, if they want to send me a paycheck too, more power to them.  I can work nights.

How’s everything going with you, my friends?


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  1. You had to know that by saying you posted a ‘sexually frank’ article on your groovymojo site, curiosity would get the better of us, and we’d all have to go check it out.  Nice technique to get traffic on your site : )
    Lately, I have lost any embarassment when talking about particulars of sex.  Perhaps because in my writer’s group, one of the women is writing an erotic novel, and when you are talking flow of a scene, and the anatomical particulars, you just get over the embarassment or leave the room.  So, I very much appreciated your article – great, well written, and informative.  You could write a ‘sex for dummies’ guide.  And yes, i was laughing out loud at this particularly clever little turn of phrase: “The original wham, bam, thank you hand.”

  2. Strep throat is even less fun than I remembered. Other than that, life is good . . . Sounds as though life is good for you, as well. I hope that it continues to be so . . .

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