Happy Easter?

I hope you had a happy Easter.  Some people didn’t.  Sometimes it’s a time when you remember how it used to be, as opposed to the way it is now.  Sometimes that can make you sad.

I know at least two people who felt nostalgic and down. 

But on the bright side … only 8 more days until I see my love.

Now if I can only keep us both from being fired…


5 thoughts on “Happy Easter?

  1. We barely recognized the holiday this year, and it was refreshing to pass without note what was always intensely spiritualized in years past.  Yay for getting to see your lady!
    ryc: yeah, we can be nauseatingly adorable.  But hey, I figure that’s kind of a wonderful thing to be able to say after five years of marriage!

    ryc:  I pray that what you say is true, that sometimes love comes hand in hand with freedom…it would take an extremely confident and well balanced man to share my journey… I thank you for sharing your appreciation for your own journy of love and relationship with us all here in Blogville.
    blessings and hughs,

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