Bittersweet is this life.

My ex-brother-in-law passed away last night.  My kid’s uncle Mickey passed away in the hospital after spending the day on life support.  My younger daughter’s godfather … or as we frequently referred to him as, her fairy godmother.  He/she was quite the character.  A funny, sometimes prickly drag queen.

There’s no way, unfortunately, that we can make it out to California for the funeral.  Even if my younger daughter did inherit all his worldly possessions.

And while life is indeed bittersweet, one must concentrate on life, and on the sweet instead of the bitter.  I took my kids out for therapeutic milkshakes last night and we took turns sharing fun memories of him.  It really seemed to help.  We’re all just worried about my ex, who’s taking the loss of her brother hard.

He was the first of 8 brothers and sisters to go.

Meanwhile life goes on, and my house is full of giggling kids.  And I get to see my love in 5-1/2 more days.

We’ve been sending love poems via email to each other constantly these last two days.


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  1. Aww.  I’m sorry for your/your kids/your ex’s loss… but I am happy for you that you get to see your beloved in less than a week! Yay!   love poems via email… you’ve got it bad! {thumbs up}

  2. Oh WG…I too am sorry.  I am one of 11, and knock on wood, all are healthy. But it sounds as if your lives were blessed by truly an interesting loving person. 
    Yippie! 51/2 more days…ahhhh love poems…what a gift from the Gods!!!

  3. SorryIs not enoughTo express regret forYour loss. Celebrate his spirit.He lived.My loveOnly five daysTime passes too slowlyImpatiently I wait for yourReturnKiss me With your soft breath Intimate caresses Tender words whispered between sighs Heaven

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