As usual, I have good luck on Friday the 13th, but bad luck on Saturday the 14th.  Friday I got two paychecks, Saturday my eldest daughter’s computer got nailed by a virus.  Why is that bad luck for me?  I’m the computer repairman who has to deal with it.

This morning I’m taking the girls to EdgeFest – they’re going to rock out all day long.  Me, I’m still going to be fighting that computer virus.

Question to my Xanga friends – what do you most like to read about here?

  • Struggles with writing and publishing?
  • Silly posts of random wanderings?
  • TMI posts of romantic adventures?
  • Rants about things that piss me off?
  • Poems and flash fiction?
  • Or … lists of questions?

  I get to see my love tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “

  1. im probably most interested is rants and travelling things
    ryc: most of what i’m writing is me. but with artisitic liberties taken. although, all that stuff about not doing essays is true.

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