Weekend Update

Just got back from my first week in Moline, Illinois, and am scrambling to get ready for my next week.

My kids did fine, in fact thrived, while I was gone.  They even picked me up at the airport without trouble.  No missed school, no dents on the car (I looked!), no burned down apartment … it’s all good.  They even still had some of the money left that I’d given them.  Of course this is because I told them that anything they didn’t spend on groceries, they could have at the end of the week as personal money.

The questionable result is I came home to find they bought a little bunny rabbit.  And even though they have it out on the balcony, the fan sucking air in from the balcony window gave the entire apartment the essence of bunny cage, and that set my allergies reeling.

Neither LadySavina nor myself got fired … we pulled it off!  We were able to be professional around each other at work, and resist temptation even when alone.  All that tension built up to the point that, after work, we literally flung ourselves into each other’s arms.  If our married life is only 1/10th as passionate as this, I’m going to be living in a cloud of happiness.  Seriously, though, I don’t see this passion ever cooling, even a bit.  Relax a little, maybe, but never cooling.

We have it bad for each other, really bad.

The trip started out on a rather odd note.  I rode to the airport with my boss (OUR boss) and … his plane ticket didn’t work.  He had to stay behind.


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