I exist because I say I do.

Why, I keep wondering, did it take me so long to figure this out?  If I had figured this out as a teenager, I would be so much further along now.  But, no, I needed other people to say I exist, or I didn’t.  I depended upon other’s perceptions of me.  Without them I disappeared.

Perhaps it took me this long because there were many lessons in this life I needed to learn?  I don’t know.

This is how it works now:  I say I am a writer.  Therefor I am one.  And I am.  That’s how I make my living.

I say I am a coffee reviewer.  Therefor I am one.  Now I get free coffee because companies send it to me to review.  Why?  Simply because I said so.  No one else validated me.

I also say I am a beer reviewer.  Now I get free beer.  (The maintenance guys in my apartment complex see this and view me as a genuine hero.)

That’s how it works.

I am because I say I am.

Life is so much better this way.


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  1. Um, will this work if I saw “I’m a millionaire?”  lol.  That’s awesome that you’re able to be successful in these different venues!
    ryc: I hear ya – I gave up a hundred pages into The Fellowship of the Ring, but then after I got married, I ended up reading the whole trilogy, but only because my hubby and I read them out loud together (he LOVES the books).  Eh.  I too enjoyed the movies immensely more than the painfully long books. 

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