The down side to being a writer is that, invariably, when you’re having a bad day … you’ll also get a rejection slip for a story you thought would sell.

Then you have to spend a few hours struggling with why you even bother writing.


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  1. I am sorry that you are having a bad day my love.  I am really sorry that I caused it.  You write because you have to, it is in your soul.  Looking at the bright side – at least the rejection notice was not from Doc Check-In. ILU-IMU-0011.  TMD

  2. Oh Wicked….rejection for me is life saying that there is something better suited for my need or somewhere better for my writings to end up.  My favorite word…NEXT!!!
    I too am sorry for it being such a bad beginning.  Is it that you are missing your love?     May your Day begin to blossom from a center of joy and peace! 
    Love, hugs and smiles,

  3. Nothing like a good stiff kick in the teeth while you are down.  You write because you are good and that little voice in your brain would drive you crazy if you didn’t.

  4. At least you got to the point where you get a rejection slip. I haven’t even bothered to submit anything that anyone could reject yet.
    So, you’re one step ahead.  

  5. No.  I won’t believe it.  Everything that I submit will sell.  The first time.  And people will love it.  Every time.

    There.  I feel better . . .

    Enjoy your upcoming trip . . .

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