Woo hoo!  Oh yeah!  I’m doing the happy dance!  I talked my new boss into letting me go up a bit early on my next trip, so that I get to spend a weekend up there.  Now I get to spend a Friday thru Friday with my love, weekend included.  Eight days!

Now we’re doing a new countdown.  Only fourteen more days! 

Yesterday my older daughter’s cell phone died.  I used this as an opportunity.  I gave her mine, then went out and bought myself a Razr V3.

Expect lots of silly cell phone pictures now.

(I’m probably going to spend a large portion of my time at work figuring out what cool things I can do by linking it to my Pocket PC via Bluetooth.)


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  1. I’ve been waiting for my cell phone to die so I can get something cooler.  I was in a rare, anti-technology mood on the day I picked out my (very basic) Samsung, and I’m craving the photo and video options I had on my phone before!  Die, Die, DIE!

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