Special Report: WickedGlee loves LadySavina

WickedGlee states that LadySavina makes his heart soar like a large impressive winged creature, probably an eagle.  He goes on to say that she makes his heart go thump thump thump like a big base drum.

Witnesses report that many use ear protection to ward off the sound of his heartbeat.  “It drowns out my car stereo!” complained one man.

Neighbors and coworkers also report WickedGlee has been extremely happy and won’t stop talking about LadySavina.  “He totally adores her,” says one neighbor.  “You can tell he’s smitten.”

Concerned citizens confide that they are boxing up fragile items, as the last time these two were together there were many many explosions — some neighbors even claim that they felt the earth moving.

Sources state that the two will be together in about 8 days.


5 thoughts on “Special Report: WickedGlee loves LadySavina

  1. That’s really cute!  Only 8 days?  That’s not too terribly bad (although I’m sure it seems like an eternity right now).  Have fun making explosions with your lady!

  2. Awwww – so freaking sweet!  Yay for getting to see your lady love in just a little over a week!  (and I like how the one neighbor used the word ‘smitten’, a word not used nearly often enough!).

  3. For some reason, I had a Tom Cruise/Oprah flashback while reading this (“Tom! Tom! Please get down off the couch, Tom!”).

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