My younger kiddo has been sick, and I took her to the doctor on Monday.  She’s now on antibiotics and is feeling much better.

Her and her sister are really stoked because their Anime costumes came in, and both look great.  We’re all set for the big Anime festival coming up at the beginning of June.  (A-KON in Dallas, just in case you were wondering.)  A big THANK YOU to my friend and fellow writer Melanie who scored us the comp tickets.  We’ll probably be there all weekend but I only got the hotel room at the Adam’s Mark for Saturday night.  Not sure if we’ll host a room party or not, but we might.  Depends…

I’m really stoked because, well, in two days I’ll be spending EIGHT whole days with my fiancee.  When I get back, I’m stoked because I’ll spend the weekend with Bill at his space convention, hob-nobbing with astronauts and rocket scientists.  Then A-KON, then my kids fly back to California to spend some much needed time with their mom.  And, just this morning, I received word my boss is considering having me up north during the entire time my kids are gone.  That would mean nearly TWO MONTHS with my love!

She might actually get sick of me, or something.  Well, it’s good practice for when we’re finally married. 

Other than that, I’ve been busy doing coffee and beer reviews, and working on some philosophical material (for myself), and putting in the occasional time on my novel … which is still doing well, though not progressing as fast as I’d like.

That’s about it.  How are you doing?


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  1. Sorry to hear about your daughter’s illness, and hope she recovers quickly!
    Regarding two months in ‘the great, white north’, if she gets sick of you, you could always spend a weekend two hours away, near ChiTown.

  2. Hey – when is the wedding and when do ya’ll get to eventually live in the same zip code??  Your love for each other seems so beautiful and sweet.
    ryc: are some of ya’lls kids older, or is gonna be a brady bunch kind of family-melding thing? 

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