You’ll never guess what I’m doing.

I’m guarding a spaceship.

I just flew back from my wonderful trip up to see my love, and didn’t even make it home.  My kids picked me up at the airport and dropped me off at the International Space Development Conference, where Twiddle38 needed me to spend the night guarding a spaceship.  So here I am, right now, sitting in the Crystal Ballroom at the InterContinental Hotel in Dallas, typing away on his computer (I brought my little writing machine but, alas, forgot the power cord in my luggage, which went home with my kids) and guarding the “Pixel,” a prototype lunar lander developed by Armadillo Aerospace.  Apparently its in the contract that there must be someone in the room with the spaceship at all times.

It didn’t say that the person had to be awake, however, and so the hotel thoughtfully has rolled in a bed for me to sleep in.

It’s going to be very weird, sleeping next to a spaceship in the middle of the Crystal Ballroom.

EDIT: It’s now 2:17am and I’m still not asleep … I’ve spent all this time catching up on my Xanga friends.  It’s all quiet and spooky here, now.  Just me and the spaceship.


4 thoughts on “

  1. Now how many times in one’s life will they ever be able to say that someone, needed me to spend the night guarding a spaceship. ?  I love it.  What an adventure you are having my friend, time with your love, back home to the kids and now guarding a spaceship.  I cannot begin to top that one for this week.  Wow
    Thank you for your enthusiastic support of my work and my personal journey from the cave.  I always appreciate hearing from you.
    Have a great out-of –this-world weekend.  lol

  2. Only you have the amazing positive karma to end up with an opportunity like that, my friend… Only you. Guarding a spaceship. Wow!
    RYC: I’m a parent and a husband… I have no life. I’m try to resolve myself to that fact. I am wallet, hear me pay.

  3. Wow, that’s a neat job.  What kind of background check did you have to go through to get approved as a spaceship guardian? I hope that the spaceship doesn’t come alive, like in the movie, “Night at the Museum.”  Or maybe at night you can write a new script called, “Night at the Crystal Ballroom.” 

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