Soon I will be without kids.  They’re flying off next week to spend a couple months with their mom.

I’m starting to worry already.

I had this vivid nightmare where, just after sunset, I was having this argument with a neighbor, and up in the sky behind him I see this big slow tumbling rock.  It was huge, looking about the size of the moon in the sky, but shaped like a potato.  I recognized immediately that it was a meteor and it was huge, probably a hundred miles across.

Planet killer, I thought.

As I watched, it sank beyond the horizon, and then the horizon started glowing yellow.  There was a flash, and slowly an immense pyroclastic cloud rose into the sky.  It got bigger, and bigger, and coming closer and closer, and the closer it came the faster it seemed to come.

My younger daughter came out of the house to tell me all the television channels had stopped working.  She my face and then saw the cloud, and said, “What’s that?”

In that horrible moment I knew my child would die.  I didn’t care about myself, but it didn’t seem fair that she would have her life cut short like this.  We only had minutes to live.

My older child was gone, in London or something, and there was nothing I could do for her.  But here was my younger one right in front of me.  It was a horrible feeling.

So my brain kicked in, and I thought, we could go down to the bottom of the nearby wishing well in the park.  It would probably collapse and we’d be crushed by stone, but I thought that might be preferrable to burning to death amid hot vaporized rock.  So we ran to the park and climbed down into the well, which in my dream was as deep as that well in The Ring.  We weren’t down there more than a few moments when the shockwave hit, which sent bricks raining down on us but we managed to survive that somehow.  Then everything above was orange with fire, and we ducked under the water.

Time passed, and things cooled down a bit, and we crawled back out to find the world completely wiped clean.  No plants, no buildings, nothing.  Just hot dirt and fragments of rock and concrete.

I woke up thinking that we’d been spared only temporary, because it didn’t look like there would be anything to eat anywhere.

It’s my first nightmare in a long time.  It left me covered in cold sweat.


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  1. Bless your heart that is a horrible dream.  I don’t know what meaning it holds for you , but if it is any consolation to you, every year right before my kids would go off to visit their (adopted) Nana and Pa Pa, I too would be plagued with horrible nightmares.  They were always about things being out of my control.  But always after a couple of days (usually 3) I would calm down.  The happy ending is that my daughters are all alive well healthy and happy. 
    May tonight be filled with peaceful sweet dreams my friend.

  2. Wow…what a dream.  Good thinking about the well. Of course you were right about it being only a slight reprieve.    You should write a stroy about it. As you know, I love those kinds of stories, of course I wouldn’t if it were REAL!

  3. After being terrified by The Ring, combined with my claustraphobia, I’m not sure I could make such a leap. And, not being as clever as you, I’d likely not think of it, anyway

  4. RYC: I don’t think you should worry, or take what happened to my parents as an indication things have gotten worse in Stockton than back when you were ‘ducking bullets in the dining room’ (pained smile). What happened was likely a [relatively]isolated occurance (I hope). And I believe the statistics still bear that out (e.g. bad, though not the absolute worst). Just don’t let them park and unlocked, unalarmed, and unclubed/physically restrained car anywhere, if they want to be sure it’ll be there when they get back.

  5. Oh my gosh, that does sound terrifying.  I’ve had atomic disaster dreams before, but it was before I had kids.  But thinking of the inescapability of it and being unable to shelter my son, and worse, living through the whole experience in dream-world – ughghghgh – just makes me shiver. 
    Now I need to go back and read your posts about gaurding a spaceship!!!

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