Fire! Fire!

The fire alarm went off at work yesterday, and everyone was looking around going, “Yeah, right.”  We have lots of false alarms because when they do welding in the tower, it sets the alarms off.

I gathered my stuff up and left the building, saying, “They’re not telling us not to go.  It may be real.”  I happened to know they were not welding in the tower.

Only after I left did others actually leave, and a good thing too, because the fire department did show up.  It wasn’t a false alarm.

No one saw any smoke, but the firemen made us stand outside for about an hour.  Then, with about 9 minutes to go before quitting time, they let us back in.

Then the fire alarm went off again.

I went home.


3 thoughts on “Fire! Fire!

  1. I slept through a fire alarm once when I was living in the dorms.  It was a real fire, on the floor above me.  Some girl caught her curtains on fire.  On the plus side, I got a good night’s sleep while the other 600 girls huddled outside in the 40 degree weather.

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