This is the storm that drenched me this morning!


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  1. Hmm… I love storms!  I walk almost everywhere I go here in Taos and I never use an umbrella, the kid in me loves to be in the rainl OK I dance in it take my shoes off and run through puddles. And oh when it thunders and the sound bounces from off the mountaions…it is amazing. Something about doing this show and being in a place of enchantment continues to bring out the child with me.  I love it. And I love these photos, thanks again for sharing; and for you gracious comments.
    Love hugs an many many blessings to you, your love and your children!
    The Blue lady ~ Twanari, is the water Goddess!

  2. Dallas gets some Doozys.  I was in one myself that completely destroyed the site of the Shakespeare Fesival of Dallas.  That was Hardcore.

  3. Getting soaked in the city – yep, that’s no fun at all!!  Though coffee hopefully made it better, though I’m sure you would have simply rather been cozied up in a coffee shop while the rain poured like crazy outside – that’s my favorite thing in the universe.

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