I had been stuck for weeks on one scene on my current novel.

I’d come to one of those dreadful spots where I really didn’t know what would happen next. I know all sorts of things that will happen later, but I’d written myself into a scene where I knew something important had to happen with the female lead character, but I didn’t know what.


Last night I sat for a good hour going over in my head all the things that have happened to her, and what she’d been through before the story even started, and then mentally put myself into those situations and felt what she would have felt … all of that leading up to the scene I was stuck on. And then the answer came to me … the obvious answer that I couldn’t see, the perfect twist which fed right back into the rest of the story and turned up the conflict knob another notch.

The dam broke. The words flowed. I’m writing again.

It’s a good thing because now I really want to finish this one, because I know what my next one is about.  The adventures of a coffee baron in post-apocalyptic USA.


3 thoughts on “

  1. The coffee apocalypse, where nary a cup could be found (AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  2. Yay!  I love your writing updates!  That is so exciting when you’re able to push through a block.  I’ve been in crazy writing mode lately, it’s just been one of those magical sessions – where the ideas come out right, and build on themselves as I go – so DAMN EXCITING!!!!

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