At Home…

The novel marches on.  I added two scenes last night and started another very important (and fun) one.  My main character is now riding around San Francisco with a reaper’s scythe poking out of the sun roof like a periscope, and it’s leading him to his “personal holy grail” … which, when he arrives, is going to leave him totally baffled.  It’s a clue, not the grail itself.

It’s going to be a pomegranate.


5 thoughts on “At Home…

  1. I too look forward to buying a copy and having it signed!  Yes, the creative process is sometimes a looooooong process.  My character Twanaqua left me, he is sitting on a grassy knoll with is sidekick Pognute. He has refused to talk to me…so he is just sitting there…until he is ready to tell me the rest of his story. >>>>lol<<<<
    Ohh and I do love pomegranates!  
    Love, hugs, and a big smile,
    Mz. Liz . 

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