Are my eyes going screwy?

I’m sitting out on the veranda typing away at my novel.  It’s dark, the branches of the trees all around the second story railing.  Every once in a while my daughter’s bunny sniffs my bare leg and startles me.

I keep seeing spots out of the corners of my eyes.  Flashes of light.  At one point I definitely saw something, and I looked up, thinking I’d just missed a bright falling star.  But then I saw another one in the tree.

And then another.

That’s when I realized ……… they’re fireflies!  LOL!


4 thoughts on “Are my eyes going screwy?

  1. . I love fireflies… hmm? Come to think of it…I have not seen one here in Taos at all!  hmm?  How sad.  What is really sad is that yesterday I pointed out this really unique bug to the property manager…and asked her if she knew what kind it was?  She had been pruning a rose bush and walked over, bent down, and said hmm, I don’t know and she smashed it.  I gasped and she realized maybe, what she had done, or knew that I didn’t appreciate a senseless killing of a little bug. 

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