Keeping it real…

Okay, so I’m no longer hiding behind a picture of a bear, or of Godzilla.

This is the real me. 

What, you didn’t notice?  I guess the resemblance to the bear is striking.

My appearance isn’t exactly a secret, being that it came off my webcam.  I just haven’t flashed it around Xanga much lately.


7 thoughts on “Keeping it real…

  1. Very handsome. I agree with the previous commentor… You look like one of those ‘writer types’. Need a pipe, though

  2. Yay!  I love getting to see real life photos of my favorite xanga-ites!  My husband is a big bear of a man also (and with full beard too), and my nickname for him is ‘Dragosurs’ (‘urs’ meaning ‘bear’ in Romanian).

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