The Quest

Last night, working on my novel, I came to a scene where the characters
are standing in front of a bin full of pomegranates, and I realized I
really needed to have a pomegranate in front of me for the scene to
continue.  I need one in my hand

Some call it research, some call it a sudden onset of writer’s
procrastination, but I stopped right there and went for a walk to the
local grocery store.

The sky outside still held an afterglow from the sunset, the last gasp
of light from the day.  The color mesmerized me.  A very deep
blue-purple (would that be called  burple?) and bands of clouds like
lines, so I walked in a daze.  By the time I reached the store, a mere
two blocks away, it had faded to black and it was full-on evening.

Inside I passed temptation after temptation.  Beer, chips, candy, cookies … passed them all, intent on my mission.  I must find a pomegranate.

The characters, you see, are discussing the seeds that Hades tricked Persephone into eating, thus binding her to the underworld and causing winter every year.  It’s an important scene because the pomegranate seeds play an important role in my story.

Alas, as fate would have it, there were no pomegranates in the store!

Miffed, I picked up some bananas instead, and then consoled myself with a dozen flavored yogurts (need them for breakfast, anyway), and picked up a bottle of wine, and a jar of peanut butter, and some cookies, and a couple bags of chips…  By the time I got up to the front register I had an entire basket full of stuff, things I’d put in the cart without even thinking of it because my mind was still on the novel.  Fortunately I came to my senses before I actually entered the checkout line … I had come on foot!  There was no empty trunk of a car waiting for all this stuff in the parking lot.

And then, standing there, blind spots appeared in my vision, and my heart sank.  The sign of an oncoming  migraine.

I abandoned the cart and walked quickly home, took meds, saved my files and shut down the computer, and went to bed.

This evening … as long as the migraine doesn’t make a return appearance … my quest for a pomegranate will continue.


5 thoughts on “The Quest

  1. Yikes – foiled on every front!!  So sorry for the migraine.  Your novel sounds more and more interesting to me.  Could I ask what part the pomegranite seeds play?  The seeds are of course important in my novel also, though of course I’m taking mythological licence and playing the story up, so that at the end of the first novel, Demeter finds a way to make Persephone throw up the seeds in an attempt to keep her daughter with her forever (and she also releases the Titans from Tartarus and throws Hades in the deepest pit of Tartarus instead!).  Hence, drama of book II.  (so goes the theory, when I’m in an optimistic mood and imagine that book I can be finished in the first place!).

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