The Quest Continues

My quest for a pomegranate continued last night.  For three hours.  I’d already been to Albertson’s and Wal-Mart with no luck.

So I tried here…

No pomegranates.

And here…

No pomegranates.

And here…

Still no pomegranates. 

(But they did have these cool self-heating cans of coffee, which I bought to review on  Unfortunately one of them burst on me and covered me with hot chemicals!)

Anyway, with no pomegranates, and being that I came home after 10pm, there was no work done on the novel last night.

The reason there must be a pomegranate in the novel is because the entire story is based on this one Salvador Dali painting:


Details about the novel (because Heather asked):  When I first started writing it, I assumed the woman was Persephone herself.  But then she just became “The Tiger Lady” who described herself as an “elemental spirit” and acted as a sort of succubus.  She may still turn out to be Persephone, or she may turn out to be Ninkasi, the Sumerian goddess of beer, or she may end up being both.

The story is a quest, and it’s full of clues and mystery, and even I don’t know how it’s going to turn out … which makes it that much more fun to write.  I’ve decided with this one I’m not going to force the story to go this direction or that direction … I’m going to let it naturally flow as I write it, and continuously draw from itself as it moves forward.  So far this has been working well.

The background premise is that reality is much deeper than humans see, and that all our myth and legend draw upon very real but misinterpreted entities.  We are now in an age where the old gods can no longer manifest themselves or they will destroy the mortal world, because our science has forced structure upon it.  The novel’s foundation rests entirely upon quantum physics and manifestation of reality through perception.

The main character is someone who has come back from the afterlife through the sands of time on a quest for his own personal “holy grail” which he believes is the Beer of God.

As you can see in the painting, the pomegranate is most definitely an important element of the story, somehow.

Oh, and here’s another picture of me:


2 thoughts on “The Quest Continues

  1. So cute! Btw, I told you, my parents have pomegranites, just ask ’em to borrow one, and say I sent you.

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