OMG It’s A Car!

I’m glad they labeled it so that there wouldn’t be any confusion.


9 thoughts on “OMG It’s A Car!

  1. The generic motor!I like your ‘inkblot’ door – reminds me of the joke about the man who went to a psychiatrist and was shown a number of inkblots. When asked what came to mind when he saw each one, he said ‘sex’. At the end of the session, the psychiatrist said, ‘You seem to be quite obsessed with sex,’ to which his patient replied, ‘What do you mean obsessed? You’re the one with the dirty pictures!!’

  2. surely it’s a carmax car and some wise-ass tore off the “max.”  i saw a car yesterday with a really bizarre name, but of course now i can’t remember it.  that’s what i get for not taking a picture.

  3. LOL! That’s so funny. As we were out driving yesterday, we drove by a vacant lot for sale, and the white sign out front had three big black letters at it’s top: “LOT”.

  4. RYC:  I think your days of flirting with female officers is over, my friend.  I don’t know how well your love would take it if she came home and you were handcuffed to a piece of furniture…

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