Abbey Day

Miles upon miles, road signs pass
I feel distance dwindling
Our hearts are beating closer
Across rivers, valleys, state lines
The long dotted winding roads
Leads me to The Abbey and you

Nervous shaking hands clasped
We get lost in the narrow corridors
The crooked stairs and old window glass
To a room inside a chapel we find
A hundred pillows and lavish quilts
And sense the spirits of saints

The shower floods a room
We laugh with towels all wet
Quickly come to terms we do
With each other’s most intimate gaze
A belonging we never shared
With anyone else in this life

Sweet love made so dearly
Then outwardly we crept to stand
Before the statues of the church
Gaze of old, venerable holiness
We state our vows we already know
Marry each other in the eyes of Heaven

A year ago today my love
In your shiny eyes I see
My own joy and completeness
As we entangled our souls
Entwined as they should be
Forever and for always, I do


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