I am back in McKinney.  The place has been empty for over 5 weeks.  The water coming out of the faucet is brown.  A pond was growing in my toilet.  A drawer in the kitchen somehow collapsed.

It seems alien and unfamiliar here.  It is no longer home.

I miss my love as she misses me:  beyond words.

Another Reprieve!

It was weepy time at the airport for my love and I, and……………. my flight was canceled.  I can’t leave until tomorrow.

We have another night together.  Can you believe this?  Talk about spooky powerful manifesting!

This is the third reprieve in a row.

Time is precious but even more so when it grows short.

A great sorrow is coming, but I am pretending it is not.  I am warding it off by sheer force of will.  It shall not ruin the time that is left.

Because it is precious.  As love.  As life.

It’s all one:  time, life, love.  All the same.  All colors on the same wheel.

I’ll not be on the net again until I am back in Texas.  Bill (Twiddle38) is picking me up on Sunday.  Maybe Sunday I’ll actually catch up on reading everyone’s Xanga.  I’m not sure what state I’ll be in.  My comments will probably be very morose.  If I don’t comment at all, you’ll know why.  I’ll be sparing you.

When I’m with my love, we generate some special magic that affects time.  It’s especially strong when we’re kissing, because it’s like we pull away from the rest of the universe and create a little one all its own, with its own local time that exists outside regular time.  Time both speeds up and slows down simultaneously.  But on a grander scale, this whole trip, this wonderful summer of love I’ve spent with her, has been affected the same way.  It’s passed so quickly and so slowly.  It feels like a lifetime, and it feels like maybe only a week.

I have to stop now because dwelling too much upon it has made cracks appear in my wall against the oncoming sorrow.  Must hold it off for now.  Must hold it off for as long as possible.

Later my friends.  Hugs to you all.

OMG, two posts from me in one day … please everyone, try and remain calm.

I forgot to mention that, since the company is paying for everything and I’m ending up with a bit of extra cash, I splurged and bought myself one of those 30 GB video iPods.  I’ve been wanting one for a long time, and I’d already bought one for each of my daughters, and my love already has one, so now it’s my turn.

They really are elegant little jewels of technology.  If their computers were this nice, I’d be a total Apple freak.

It’s just so cool to have every song in my collection with me at all times.  I have every single Beatles song, every Pink Floyd song, all the B-52’s (my love hates them … I forgive her for this because she loves Pink Floyd and Blue Oyster Cult).  I loaded this thing up so full it’s only got 2 GB of free space left, so I doubt I’ll be using it much for movies.

It even has a few songs by Captian Lead and the Letdowns.  (Yes, Pat, I’ll get you that file as soon as I can … I’m at work at the moment and there’s no broadband at my love’s house).

My love and I were all set to mourn our parting tomorrow … but we just got a reprieve!  My company wants to keep me here an extra week.

So my airline reservation has been moved, and I managed to have it scheduled to leave Sunday night instead of Saturday morning … so we pretty much have two more weekends together as well as the full week ahead.

Joy!  Bliss!  Bouncing with happiness!

Too Busy To Blog

Too busy to blog, it’s true
I’ve got a lot of things to do
Watch fireflies dance at night
In skies filled with satelites

Running from rain to get indoors
And jumping when the thunder roars
Checking where the dogs get out
When they slip past I laugh and shout

Getting coffee, getting tea
Opening doors for my wife-to-be
Here’s a wonderful little perk…
Stealing kisses while we’re at work!

And with that subject I come to find
I have a very one-track mind
When it comes to my love and I
A constant stream of kisses fly

I’m kissing, and kissing, and kissing
Kissing kissing kissing
And kissing, and then when we’re done
It’s time for kissing

Yes, I’m much too busy to blog!