As it turns out, it’s very hard to take pictures of fireflies.

To get your camera to the point where it can actually capture the light they produce, the sky tends to completely overwhelm their glow.  When it got dark enough for this to not be a problem, I faced two more:  their activity dropped off by about 90%, and a huge cloud of mosquitoes had found me.

I may (or may not) try again tonight. 

Happy 4th to everyone!  I’m not sure how our own celebration will go, because to my love it’s a holiday commemorating the defeat of her homeland against the dastardly yanks.  Me going “Hooray” about that will probably not go over too well. 


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  1. Yeah, I hate the New York Yankees too!   Nerk!  Hey, remember when we used to make our own fireworks?  I still shudder to think that had I not had a fire extinguisher that one 4th of July, there might have been a pretty devastating fire. 

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