My Question of the Week

Should members of a group be held responsible for the actions of someone they elect as their political or religious leader, especially if they’re actively supporting that person’s actions in word if not deed?


8 thoughts on “My Question of the Week

  1. Yes. If they elected him, he is effectively not so much their leader as their agent, representative, spokesperson and expresser of their collective beliefs.
    I presume you are talking about that dickhead in Rome reverting to the ancient lies.

  2. That’s tough, because people can be so chameleon-like.  Especially the kind of people with leadership skills.  It’s sad to see people get duped by their leaders, but it happens all the time.  Just look at our country.  Which president (in recent years) has done everything he promised during his campaign?  I can’t think of any.  We like to make excuses and say they got bogged down in the system, yada-yada, but the reality is, those kind of people know what to say to win people’s trust.  They know they don’t have to follow through.  But once you elect a leader, it’s pretty darn tough to kick them out of their leadership position.

  3. Touch question, partially because of the “in word” qualification. One could debate that mere membership in a particular group qualfies as support “in word if not deed”. But then is every Catholic responsible for the words/deeds of the Pope? Is every American responsible for the words/deeds of the US President? In both situations, members/citizens have the options of leaving said group/country (though such an option might be quite difficult for a number of reasons), and in both situations it’s very possible that the members/citizens had no part in the election of their leader (e.g. “I voted for ‘da other guy”).

  4. I don’t think they should be responsible for the person’s actions unless they are telling him/her what to do, or otherwise controlling him/her. However, if they miss the opportunity (when they have it) to influence the person to change or stop the undesirable actions or behaviour, surely they must bear some culpability. Good question.

  5.  No, I am responsible for my vote, and my voice and my actions in response to the elected leader s.  But He is responsible for his own actions or lack of.  But I know nothing so I am going to bed.   Good night.  
    PS you and your wife to be…have inspired me…to seriously think about long term, I am now acting on this inspiration….seriously, ok along with having a lot of fun entertaining the idea of true love.
    Sleepy….good night my friend, Mz. Liz

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