Latest stuff in bullet format

  • My kids are home from their summer in California, and they’re glad to be home with me, which warms my heart.
  • My love, who I work with, is being laid off.  We’re working on circumventing that by getting her into another department.  We’re not sure if our boss knows just how close we are or not, but he knows we’re close.
  • I’m already campaigning to get back up there to see her, even if for only a few days … being that I’ll be getting a portion of her job if our circumventing schemes don’t work, we can justify it as “training.”
  • My doctor freaked out when I told her about my recent reemergence of migraines.  After describing my symptoms she thinks I’m having something she terms as “transitory microstrokes” and so I’m going through a battery of tests, including an MRI tomorrow morning.  Fortunately I haven’t had an episode in over a month, which is the only reason she didn’t put me in the hospital yesterday.
  • This is a picture of my doctor.  Isn’t she cute?  Besides my love, she’s the only woman who gets to get fresh with me.  Of course, she wears a latex glove, so it’s not very romantic. 
  • I need to start writing again.


9 thoughts on “Latest stuff in bullet format

  1. I’ve never seen a doctor who was that hot, other than on TV. 
    As for the money… yes, we got it back.  Apparently the charges didn’t ever clear; they were just put on hold.  So we only had 33 cents for 5 days, but now all of our money is back.  And we’re going to start spreading our little bit of money out over a couple of different banks and different accounts ASAP!

  2. Okay, so, maybe it’s just me but, well, after the latex glove comment, it’s now uncomfortable for me to sit (pained smile)

  3. Hope you get a handle on those migraines. I used to get mind breakers back in high school that quietly subsided after a while.Hmm, while I don’t think emotions get stored, I think not properly expressing them leads to issues. As an example, I don’t tell people when they do something that annoys me. On each successive instance of doing that thing I get more and more annoyed until I finally blow up about something that’s fairly minor. Things like that could be avoided if I dealt with things as they happened rather than bottling it up.Annnd this was an overly lengthy comment.Oh and thanks for the thoughts on the story too.

  4. Rotten news about T. She should just pack up and move down here. Wow…you know…latex gloves aren’t THAT bad. And yes, your stories and your novel miss you. Feed them and make them happy.

  5. Hey welcome back baby!  So sorry to hear about the migrains, I was having them quite often.  I changed my mattress, and my eating habits and began working out…and (knock on wood) I have not had one in over a month.  Yeah!
    Well good luck with the writing! 

  6. Sad to hear about your love.  Looks like you are taking tactical manouvers for damage control on that front.  Hope your Migraine situation improves.  Sounds scary.  And on a good note, in my book, a latex glove examination from that doctor would be a good thing.  Dang!

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