Off to a writer’s meeting…

My head is buzzing, I can hear it.  I think someone shot me with a ultra high pitch sound bomb, like bats squeaking through a megaphone.  Can you just see bats flying around with megaphones strapped to their heads?

The guy in the cubicle next to me is talking engineerspeak to someone who mumbles to the point of total incomprehension.  My boss, who is in this week, who turned out to be the gem of a guy I thought he was inside, he’s already gone for the day.  I could take off early and I know he wouldn’t care.

He knows all about my love and I.  He’s on our side.  He spent part of the day house hunting for us. 

She can’t move here yet, though.  She has a very large roadblock in her way and that needs to be taken care of before we can move forward.

A manufacturer sent me a gadget to review while I was gone, and this weekend I installed it while taking photographs, and now the review is up on of the one, the only, “Foot Flush.”  I’m not joking.  And it’s actually pretty cool — that is, if it’s possible for a toilet peripheral to be “cool.”

In the meantime I sent out a bunch of inquiries to coffee roasters and in only one day have about 10 companies who will be sending me loads of gourmet coffee.  One also has beer contacts and so I’m getting some of that, too, even though I’m already overstocked on brewski.

I love writing, but you know what?  It’s even more fun to be a publisher.  Publishers get all the perks.


2 thoughts on “Off to a writer’s meeting…

  1. Yeah, well, I got a free… Um… A free… Uh… Oh, I know, a free plastic bag with my new phonebooks! Yeah, so THERE! Who needs free coffee, and free beer, and… Er… Free beer (sigh). Now I’m so depressed.
    Seriously, you deserve the perks. Your Websites are polished and professional, as is your copy, and it’s obvious you do a bit of research (though, again, getting to call beer tasting research… (sigh)).
    I hope the home/job/relationship thing works out for the best.

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