Happy Thursday!

I got plane tickets and car reservations last night.  Since I’m assuming much of my love’s duties at work, I get to go up and train with her next week.  It’s going to be bittersweet, as for once I’ll actually be sitting next to her and being with her instead of being in the next set of cubicles over … but it will be for the last time.  That Friday will be the last day we’re co-workers.

Since our boss knows about us, there’s no need for pretense.  I’m not even getting a hotel room.  We will, however, have to be professional while in the office.  At least as professional as we ever are. 

Also yesterday, Coastal Bean Coffee Company sent me a whole pound of genuine Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee to review.  I forgot and left it in the car last night, so here at work I have a bag of beans and no grinder.  LOL.


4 thoughts on “Happy Thursday!

  1. My god…the tragedy of it all. All that caffeine, trapped in each little bean, with no way to get it out. Speaking of the bean, I just got to try Turkish style coffee and if it wasn’t for the lengthy prep time, I’d convert double time.

  2. So fun about getting to see your lady again soon – gosh, I’m sure you two can’t wait till things are sorted out and you can finally be together without any worry.
    haha – classic irony about the beans and no grinder!

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