Look What I Found At The Bookstore…



My novel!

I had never actually seen it at a bookstore before, only on Amazon.com, etc.

The unverse is telling me to write fiction again.  I finally finished reading the Bones book, then I get a copy of an anthology that has one of my stories in it, and now I find my novel sitting on a shelf at a bookstore.


9 thoughts on “Look What I Found At The Bookstore…

  1. Signs, signs, everywhere a sign . . .It’s gotta be cool to see your work sitting on the bookstore shelves. Best wishes to you in all of your writing adventures . . .

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!  How exciting!   That has to be way cool to just happen upon your very own book!  Yes I believe that is a big Wink and a Nod from the Gods my friend.  I am still in the beginning stages but you have left a trail of breadcrumbs to let me know that there is a way to the bookstore.  >lol<
    Love and hugs,

  3. See what happens when you “put it out there”!  What else can you accomplish when you set your mind to it?  The possibilities are limitless!  Go for it!

  4. Damn, that is so damn fabulous!!!  I didn’t know that you’d published a book – I guess I’m out of it if I hadn’t realized that.  What bookstore was it?  How did you get it published?

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