All The Latest Stuff

  1. Valium is fun.
  2. Valium made the MRI fun.
  3. Valium made me think that, if I prayed to God while inside the MRI machine, the giant magnet surrounding my brain would act like a megaphone for my prayers, blasting them out into the Universe around me.
  4. God thinks I’m funny while on Valium and told me to take it more often.
  5. My doctor said that I have not had “transient micro-strokes” as she had feared.  She did find evidence of migraine activity, whatever that means.  So the good news is that what I’ve been experiencing have been nothing more than migraines … which, duh, I told her up front.
  6. She did find something called a “brain cyst.”  I will learn more about that during my appointment this afternoon, but she did tell me that it’s nothing to worry about.
  7. Personally, I think the “brain cyst” is probably the alien tracking device the Grey Hive implanted in my head as a child.
  8. I knew those childhood memories of UFO’s weren’t a dream.
  9. LOL

5 thoughts on “All The Latest Stuff

  1. “…nothing more than migraines”?!? OUCH!!! Though cool about the tracking device. Is yours under the bridge of your nose? I think that’s were Scully’s was (“The truth is [still] out there”, you know).

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