A Novel Derailment

My novel has been
completely derailed.

Forced off the tracks.

Pushed aside.

By what?  A short
story idea that has grabbed me and won’t leave me alone.  It keeps saying, “Write me!  Write ME! 

“But,” I tell it, “I’m a third the way
through writing a novel.  I need to concentrate
on that.”

“Your freaking novel will still be there when you’re
done with me,” it argues back. 
“Strike while the iron is hot! 
I’m short!  I’m
uncomplicated.  And … I’m very, very fun.”

My resolve is eroding. 
Fun is good.  Fun sounds like fun.

So, my novel has been derailed by a fun little short
story.  Let’s hope it really is short.


6 thoughts on “A Novel Derailment

  1. Striking while the iron is hot is a philosophy that’s always worked well for me. Everytime I put off working on a story, it always gets lost to the ether or I just lose the desire to really do a good job. And congratulations on your MRI results! I’m glad that the Valium helped with your claustrophobia.

  2. Did the story say anything about re-writing and editing? They never give you the whole truth up front. That’s part of the fun — the unknown adventure, but I wish I could get them to be bit more honest and to avoid the whole used car salesman routine . . .Enjoy your romp through short-story land (and your extended stay inside the novel) . . .

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