Ill Timed Rejection

You know what I’ve noticed?

Getting a rejection for a story that I consider one of the best ones I’ve ever written sure puts a damper on my enthusiasm for working on a new short story. 

I go through this every time.  “Why do I bother?  I’m wasting my efforts.  I may be mildly clever but not enough to stand above the other three-billion writers vying for the same publishing space.”

Then I have to go vacuum, or wash dishes, or dance around with my iPod, and then come back to write … simply because I love the act of creating.

In the end that’s all a writer can really count on.


8 thoughts on “Ill Timed Rejection

  1. I’ve not yet gotten any rejection letters. I’m that successful. Or maybe not — seems that I’ve not gotten any acceptance letters either . . .Regardless, the writing process is extremely healthy for me (it seems to ward off many demons). If I never have a story accepted, I’ll still be glad to keep going through the process. Good luck in your continued journeys through the land of luck and subjective evaluation . . .

  2. I’ve reached the point where I make myself think of any creative work I create on my own (be it a story, piece of artwork, etc.) as something I am creating for myself and no one else. If something gets published, etc. great, but if not at least I have the satisfaction of having created something I enjoy.
    ryc: I suspect you’re right.

  3. I know what you mean.  Just like a dog who’s master beats him, you keep bringing the frisbee out for a game of catch.  You got it in you.  It’s who you are.  You create because you have to…regardless.

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