I have a Whee-Lo in my new story, and it plays an important role.

Does anyone out there remember what a Whee-Lo is?  How much detail should I use to describe it?


This is how I wrote it.  Is it enough?

During one of her visits with the psychologists,
Anna latched on to a antique toy called a Whee-Lo.  She was so fascinated with it that they gave
it to her.  It was a wheel on a magnetic
axle which crawled up and down a set of U-shaped metal rods, constantly
doubling back on itself.  She spent hours
playing with it, watching the wheel spinning.

“This is like my life,” she told Sam.


10 thoughts on “Whee-Lo

  1. Ahhh . . . THAT thing. I’m the moron who responded to your entry without visiting your actual blog — thus, never seeing the photograph. I remember it now (but I never knew what it was called). The amount of detail given here seems appropriate to me. If you’re open to unsolicited suggestions, how about “a conjoined pair of U-shaped metal rods, repeatedly doubling back on itself . . .”? If you’re not open to unsolicited suggestions, please accept my apology instead.P.S. NOW I know what it feels like to have a story rejected. I’ll come up with a more realistic target this time around . . .

  2. I loved those. Just played with one in the grocery story, and *almost* bought one (it was with the Slinkys)

  3. Ah yes, I remember those.  I too would spend lots of time with those.  Although I too didn’t know the name of the toy.  Sounds kinda kinky, no?

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