Some Parents SUCK

I am blown away.

There is this 15 year old girl my love and I know, and in fact she’s here on Xanga (but I’m keeping her anonymous in this post).  I know her because my love took her and her family in for a bit, until the father and his girlfriend (and their two babies) got to be just too much — wrecking the house, the hysterical girlfriend accusing my love of lusting after her loser husband, etc.  There were several final straws and at one point my love had to kick them out, but she let the teen girl stay.

Let’s just call this girl Anna.

So the father finally comes to collect Anna, who begs my love to let her stay, and so my love gets CPS in on the act.  Long story short, everything blows up, Anna gets taken away anyway, and she’s gone to live with her mother.

Six months later we hear from Anna.  Her mother left her alone saying she’d be back in a week, and was gone for over two months.  Came back briefly and left again, leaving no money, nothing.  Anna had to sell possessions to survive and finally received an eviction notice.  Mother is still gone, whereabouts unknown.

In desperation Anna calls her loser father, who — by the way — has known all about Anna being alone and penniless for two months.  Loser father grudgingly sends his new girlfriend across state lines to collect her, and now new girlfriend is taking care of her.

Meanwhile loser father has two babies with old girlfriend, who he’s abandoned.

And here I am realizing exactly why some people grow up thinking life sucks.

Beyond that, my patience had dropped to zero for other kids who — especially compared to this — have no real problems, but think their life sucks. 

They need a serious reality check.


8 thoughts on “Some Parents SUCK

  1. Just saw the movie “Antoine Fisher”. The adversity the protagonist grew up with and overcame was truly amazing. I was humbled… Still miserable and underappreciative of my own lot (as can probably said for most human beings), but humbled nonetheless.

  2. Everyone is firmly responsible for their own choices. I strongly believe that. But it becomes so much easier to make the wrong choices when children are “raised” under such circumstances. I’ll send up an extra prayer for Anna tonight . . .

  3. Sometimes I can use the reminder of just how lucky I am. Thanks.
    ryc: As for your comment. Feel free to use it. If you do, I’d love to see what you do with it, but it isn’t a big deal if I don’t.
    One thing. There is a chance I might use something off of this in one of my comic ideas, but if I do it would likely be only a small portion of the comic and I’m comfortable with any overlap there might be if you are. Especially since I don’t know if I will actually use it or if the comic will end up as anything other than for myself.
    Thanks for asking.

  4. yes – it’s frustrating and it makes me feel like one of the comedic old crank saying, “young people today have no idea about hardship …” but it’s true.  Even if that does make me a cranky old codger. 

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