Catching Up On Xanga Reading…

  • I’m back in McKinney and catching up on my reading. 
  • Very sad to be away from my LadySavina, but…
  • Just confirmed I’ll be going back soon!
  • I also learned my employer will be sending me to Finland in January or February (if not sooner).
  • I made significant progress on my current short story during my flight back, writing on my iPaq.
  • Apple pissed me off by coming out with new iPods right after I finally bought one.  For the price of my 30 gig I could now have an 80 gig.  For a hundred more, I could have a 160 gig.
  • My laptop only has 80 gig!  If I get the 160 gig one I could easily back up my computer to my iPod, instead of the other way around.
  • I’m such a techno-geek.

12 thoughts on “Catching Up On Xanga Reading…

  1. Maybe you’ll be able to parlay that $100 store credit into some additional memory somewhere?  Have you looked into that? So many Apple customers where irate over the price cut that Jobs announced last week they are offering a store credit as consolation. 
    you technogeek you …

  2. I know a *lot* about Finland. Like, for example, er… Vodka! Yep, Finland almost definitely has *something* to do with Vodka! Oh, and probably also escalators and elevators, though that’s merely conjecture on my part.

  3. Thanks for all the comments! I am Woman….I didn’t get it until I realized you were a guy…hahahaha
    I loved just about everything she did, except that whole Disney fiasco- yech! Pretty cool that you and your lady comment on my stuff…and that we have a lot of the same friends.

  4. It’s kind of scary how much goes into an iPod anymore. (Still haven’t bought one.)
    ryc: It seems like a lot of people don’t know about it. I only learned about it by chance.

  5. I suppose the Ipod capacity envelope is expanding to get all those Deadheads to put thier billions of hours of bootleg tapes into one hand held device.  “I have the DEAD in my hand, in my ears and in my head!”  Ah, I still like my very antiquated double disc vinyl LIVE/DEAD LP.  It’s getting harder to find needles for the record player though…..Jeez, I’m an old coot, aren’t I!

  6. Traveling, and writing, and ipods, oh my!  You seem busy, but in the most wonderful way.  And techno-geeks are always the awesomest.  Especially when computers and electronics go awry – my hubby and I joke that I married him so I’d always have a computer tech nearby, and he’d get a Greencard out of the bargain ; )

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