Tuesday Morning Reality Check

I recently had a bit of a scare, or at least my doctor did, when I reported the symptoms of some migraines I’ve been having.  I had to have an MRI and the whole thing.  It turned out to be nothing serious.

I work in a cubicle, which is supposed to give us privacy and buffer sound, but sound passes right through these and we can all hear each other’s phone conversations perfectly well.

The guy on the other side of my cube wall, who I don’t really know, was on the phone with an old friend a few minutes ago.  His wife has the same symptoms that I have, but when they did a CAT scan and an MRI, they found a really nasty cancerous tumor.  She goes in for brain surgery this Friday and they expect the surgery will damage her speech and motor functions.  What is worse, this is a fast growing cancer and it’s nearly impossible for them to get all of it, so they’ll have to zap her hard with chemotherapy.

I was IM’ing all this to LadySavina as I was hearing it, and it hit us both below the belt.  The same symptoms — it could have easily been me.  It could be any of us.

Time is precious my friends.  I know some of you know this all too well.  I know it too, but sometimes I drift into complacency and life just goes on around me, la-tee-da, like there’s always a tomorrow.

Then every once in a while something like this wakes me up.

I’m saying extra prayers for this poor guy and his wife.


5 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Reality Check

  1. It’s true.  My hubby’s mother, aunt and grandmother all have MS, and I look at him frequently and wonder if he, too, will become a victim.  It’s so hard to see people suffer and to know that Fate just happened to deal you a hand that does not, for the moment, include suffering or fear for your life.

  2. No words… As I alluded to in my own blog several days ago. When my father-in-law developed brain cancer, the story was quite similar. While we’d never been particularly close, his illness came at a time when we were finally starting to get along, to do things together… And what made it all the worse was he was one of the most highly educated men I knew, having attended West Point, UC Berkley, and USC. There but for the grace of God…I also sent up a little prayer for your coworker and his wife.

  3. It’s been nearly a year since my husband was first sick, and we’re still figuring out his last bit of treatment. I’m glad you posted this. There are times when I sit around a group who doesn’t know about our cancer story, and they talk about their worries and concerns. And I sometimes can’t bear it. If everyone tried to keep some perspective, it would make us all better people. Meanwhile, I sincerely hope you feel better, and that the man’s wife does very very well.

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