Stolen Kisses At Work (Rewritten)

Head up
A periscope,
Glancing over cube walls
All is clear for furtive kissing
Hearts race

No stairs
It gives us private space
Sudden and explosive kisses
So hot

Out back
Where smokers smoke
No one there, it’s all ours
Tender lips touch at rivers edge
Time flies

A room
Forgotten, dark
Under a set of stairs
A secret rendezvous for two

Slow clock
Painful hours
Go faster, minute hand!
Finally we leave together

Dark night
Early morning
Awake with kisses
Another day at work ahead

Some cheer
Some disapprove
Must never cross the line
Desires strong, and love — it finds
A way

The original was written in a rush whilst waiting for my love to finish up so we could leave work.  This is more how I’d intended it, written as a set of cinquains.


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