Throw Your Phone But Don’t Drop Your Wife

Today I surrendered my old passport which expired in 1981 and plunked down the bucks for a new, shiny one.  My picture makes me look … well, like I’d been sampling too many beers for

It’s a done deal.  Sometime in January or February I’m going to Finland on business.  All I really knew about the country is that it’s cold and people speak Finnish.  Today I learned that it’s a wild and crazy place.

Finland is the home of:

  • The National Wife Carrying Contest
  • The Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships
  • Santa Claus

Yes, Finland bills itself as the official home for Santa Claus.  Wife carrying is indeed a professional sport.  So is mobile phone throwing.

I’m not making this up.


11 thoughts on “Throw Your Phone But Don’t Drop Your Wife

  1. ROTFLMAO!!!! That’s great! Oh those wacky Fins!
    RYC:  Yeah, I know what you mean about taking care of yourself.  I’m doing this for myself and for my family.  That’s how I quit smoking too.

  2. You’re welcome!Someone just told me I can expect 2 hours of sunlight during the day, and lots of Northern Lights. I am so taking my camera! And hope it doesn’t FREEZE.

  3. I’m positive there’s also something about vodka… Maybe that’s where the wife carrying and mobile phone throwing comes from?

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