Me, On Stage, Panicking

If you’re in the Dallas area this coming weekend, come watch me stutter and turn red in front of a lot of people.  I’m one of the writers featured at this year’s FenCon, a Sci-Fi & Fantasy convention.

Check out all the fun stuff I’ll be doing in front of an audience:

Friday 4:00 PM, “Short Stories Got No Reason…”
I and three other writers will be giving opinions, no doubt stated as fact, about whether or not short stories are still a viable medium.

Friday 5:00 PM, “Podcasts”
How to put together podcasts for fun, profit, promotion, and self-humiliation.  Interesting that I’m on this panel.  I guess the fact that I’ve kludged together a couple Podcasts makes me an expert at it.

Saturday 10:00 AM, “Roswell – 60 Years of UFOs”
I have never seen a UFO, but then again, I bet no one else on the panel has either.

Saturday 7:00 PM, “Futuretech Feasibility”
Could Warp Drive be invented? Anti-gravity? Twiddle38 (Bill, aka “Aaaaaaaaaaa Puffiboomboom”) and I will be two of the guys giving the bird’s eye low-down on this bit of crystal ball gazing.

Sunday 11:00 AM “Autographs”
Yes, you read that right.  You can come get my autograph.  Are you excited or what?

Sunday 1:00 PM, “Face-Off: The Difference Between Male and Female Writers”
This is going to be fun.  Two guy writers, two gal writers, a big vat of pudding, and NERF weapons.

So come on down!  After dark you’ll no doubt see me wandering around drunk off my ass.


19 thoughts on “Me, On Stage, Panicking

  1. lol, sounds like a lot of fun!! Wish I could go. My uncle actually lives in that area, though he works with computers rather than with writing.
    And I am sideways because when the picture came through to my computer after downloading from my camera, I was too lazy to rotate it. :] I do that a lot.

  2. from 9th grade through my early 30s I read nothing but science fiction and fantasy.  Never could imagine putting together a whole novel though.  Not much of a story teller, for all my appetite for listening.

  3. Hope you have a gun weekend (sounds like you will)! You should give us highlights of the event.Funny that it’s in Dallas seeing that this morning I was on my way to Dallas when I ended up taking a wrong turn–possibly misread a sign or two–in Huntsville and started north instead of south. Luckily (after five miles) I was able to turn around and go the right way and now I’m home.

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