Notes To Self…

Some things I learned last weekend:

  • Never take yourself seriously when a lot of people are looking at you.  Also, you get bonus points for egging on the people sitting next to you on the stage.
  • You will always be struck with a hundred hilarious things to say the moment the audience is gone.
  • In the publishing business, it really is about who you know.
  • Editors are sick and tired.
  • Young scientists think they are the equivalent of rock stars.  Or game show hosts.
  • It is possible for a live human being to totally resemble a bobble head doll.
  • For some reason I love the word “squeegee.”
  • A Grammar Nazi is much less likely to get published, and writers who obsess over eliminating all traces of passive voice are viewed by publishers as amateurs.
  • Male writers have penises, and female writers have vaginas.

19 thoughts on “Notes To Self…

  1. Young scientists think themselves rock stars?  Often true.
    Old scientists = stubborn, opinionated tyrants.  Generally true . . .

    I’m screwed — I don’t know anyone, and I don’t own a squeegee . . .

  2. Hey, *I* have a PENIS! That must MEAN something! Right? Right?!? Btw,  I was talking to my mom on the phone this weekend, and she mentioned that my dad was watching “Kindergarten Cop”, to which I replied, “It’s not a TOOO-MAH”, followed by (yes, you guessed it)…

  3. So i guess I somehow missed the fact that you are a Speculative Fiction/Fantasy writer . . .what have you written?
    I’m currently employed as a writer on a sci fi RPG and a fantasy board game company (seperate jobs)

  4. I’m going to be at MonsterCon.  Next year we are looking at:
    StellarCon, ConCarolinas, DragonCon and MonsterCon.
    I was on a Star Wars and Fan Club related panel at ConCarolinas.  When hubbie saw the Star Wars Trivia Contest he figured I’d be helping to host it.  I am Sci-Fi Geek, hear me roar!!!!

  5. You will always be struck with a hundred hilarious things to say the moment the audience is gone.That’s the same as, “You will think of the perfect concluding sentence to a five page essay after you turn it in to be graded.”Squeegee has always been a fun word to say.

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