A Clarification

Yesterday I stated:  Young scientists think they are the equivalent of rock stars.

Just in case anyone thought I was putting them down, I’m not.  Actually I think scientists deserve rock star status more than rock stars do.  Way more.  But occasionally you’ll run into one who also thinks he is a game show host.  That’s just funny.  Especially if they pull it off.


7 thoughts on “A Clarification

  1. If you want to pursue your theory further, you need to check out a few young European scientists.  They definitely believe that they’re rock stars.  For example, a few months ago, I watched a young Mick Jagger clone present his work in front of a thousand people.  His legs were about the diameter of celery stalks, yet he had still found a pair of pants that clung to him like latex.  He ambled up to the stage, amid a sea of suits and ties, draped in a long brown leather trench coat.  And for the next fifty minutes, with microphone in hand, he mesmerized the audience with his Cockney monologue.  Afterward, while answering a somewhat inane question, he conjured up such a look of disdain, that I feared he was going to stage dive upon the poor questioning chap.  He did not, however, dance or writhe across the stage at any point of the presentation . . .

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