An Observation

Corporate technical writing seems to be the art of taking something inherently simple, and making it as complicated as humanly possible.

My brain hurts.


13 thoughts on “An Observation

  1. Yeah, but the thing is… even if I don’t eat, it does the same things it does when I do eat… So…? Either way, it’s just kind of… meh. Unless I missed something you said.

  2. Is this by design?  So that everything is just vague enough that no one can be held responsible?
    Or perhaps the corporate leadership combine work written in English, Hindi, and Spanish, copy and paste bits into a word document, run it through Babelfish a few thousand times, then print the results . . .

  3. I’m all caught up on your posts now. Sorry about Diamond kitty. Death is always a hard thing when it’s something you love. Hurricane Katrina took our kitty away- along with every other stray in the neighborhood. There was quite a population of ferrals before that damn storm, but my cat food budget decreased dramatically.
    I learned a lot from that post about what you learned at the conference. I read something somewhere about how writers and publishers, etc. go crazy at those convention things. I gave up the whole passive voice rule years ago and just started writing the way I talk. Someday I will actually finish the last chapter of my book. I’m sure there is some psychobabble reason I haven’t finished yet- it only took a month and I was manic at the time. Maybe I’m trying to justify the relatively short time it took. Maybe it’s a fear of failure. Anyway…I didn’t know the pros considered removing passive voice as amatuerish. Good thing I found out before I started editing.
    RYC: How would one go about such a thing as you suggested?

  4. About passive voice:  The key phrase is “obsess over eliminating all traces of passive voice.”  Some writers lose themselves in this.  Passive voice is still not desirable but you have to strike a balance.  Sometimes it’s necessary.

  5. Oh, I hear that, my brother. And it’s even better when you get to edit such mindboggling overcomplicated crap written by another tech writer.And they wonder why I drink.

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