R.I.P. Diamond Kitty

My ex-wife sent an email yesterday.  The 17 year old tuxedo cat, named Diamond for the diamond-shaped white patch on her chest — who as a kitten my older daughter and I rescued from a life of eating cockroaches in a woodpile — she passed away this week. 

This hit my kids hard, especially my younger daughter, who grew up with that cat.  Diamond was older than her — she knew her as the eternal kitten.

When my ex and I split up and she moved back to California, she moved in with one of her brothers.  Diamond fell in love with that brother and it became his cat.  So when my ex moved out to a place of her own, the cat stayed with the brother.

Recently that brother passed away, and Diamond returned to my ex.  She says, though, the cat’s heart was broken.  Diamond had been a spry kitten for 17 years and then suddenly, everything gave out at once.

The passing of this cat brought back to mind the passing of the brother.  Which is why my younger daughter took it especially hard.  It really hit her that she would never see her uncle again.


6 thoughts on “R.I.P. Diamond Kitty

  1. My sincerest condolences, to you and your family. I remember petting Diamond. On the positive side, I believe that Diamond and Mickey are now reunited.

  2. We had a cat like that. My aunt found the cat a few weeks after my cousin was born (I was only a few months old) and she died last year. It’s amazing to be able to grow up with a cat always being around and so devastating when said cat is gone. It’s like loosing a best friend.However, it is horrible to loose both cat and uncle in a short period of time. I hope all is well and everything gets better. When memories are all you have left, cherish them.

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