Battling the Migraine

How it starts out with me, I get blind spots.  Like early today I was writing a beer review and was having problems seeing what I had just typed.  It gave me a sudden sinking feeling, and I wondered, Is this a migraine coming on?

I struggled with typing for a few more minutes, and then realized, yes, I’m having lots of problems seeing the words on the screen.

This is THE WARNING.  When I get THE WARNING it means I have about 50 to 75 minutes before THE PAIN.

The moment I get this warning I drop everything and go take medicine.  Fortunately I’ve found the generic OTC migraine pills work just fine, and the Wal-Mart generic Equate Headache Relief (which is the equivalent of Excedrin® Migraine) is dirt cheap.  They consist of Acetaminophen, Aspirin, and Caffeine.  If I don’t have those pills, I found taking a Tylenol combined with Advil and some coffee will work the same.

They take about 50 minutes to take effect.  So if I get those pills in me immediately, they will head off the migraine pain, and all I have to deal with are the other symptoms (sleepiness, reduced mental abilities, and nausea).

So, do you get migraines?  How do you deal with them?


5 thoughts on “Battling the Migraine

  1. I feel your pain.  And I do about the same thing but I add it a Benedryl.  For some reason that helps me.  And then I go lay down in a dark room with the threat that if anyone besides the dog bothers me they will deal with the SITH WENCH side of me.
    And I also drink a lot of water.  Many of my headaches come on when I’m not hydrated enough.

  2. Wow, I’m sorry. I have never had a migraine, although I get regular headaches a lot. It’s interesting that you get a warning though… that’s something.

  3. Oh yeah, sure… Reduced mental abilities, nausea, severe headache… Yes, definately. Oh, wait… I might be confusing migranes with hangovers. Sorry about that.

  4. I get migraines like a motherfucker.  Like you, I’ve kind of learned to recognize the symptoms.  If, for some reason, though, I’m not somewhere that I can take meds (like if I’m teaching class)…forget it.  Migraines are the absolute worst.  I hope you were able to stop yours before it started.

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